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Monthly membership offers teachers the easiest and most affordable entry-point into revolutionary AI-powered tools, designed specifically for English teachers. This is the perfect option if you are new to and are looking to explore the incredible new tools that you'll have at your disposal.

Some of the benefits you'll feel instantly:

Time-Saving! You'll save countless hours that would have otherwise been poured into lesson planning, text pairing, question development, and so many more rote tasks that are responsible for teacher burnout. You'll have to experience it to believe it, but the fact of the matter is, our AI-powered tools were designed to save English teachers time beyond their wildest dreams, freeing you up to dedicate yourself to the things that matter most.

Personalization! These aren't cookie-cutter or pre-built resources. Every tool will prompt you to personalize it for your specific needs, the needs of your class, and even the needs of individual students. Whether you're teaching at the elementary, high school, or college level... whether you're teaching 6th grade ELA or AP Literature... our tools will accommodate your needs.

Outsource the Junk! Let's be honest. Some of the things we have to waste our brainpower on is "junk." (Rewriting the same comment 20 different ways, rereading and tweaking that parent email for the 10th time, etc.) Outsource these menial tasks to AI tools that were optimized to output precisely what you need, and reserve your brainpower for cognitively meaningful work.

Deeper Learning & Increased Engagement! We built these tools to help teachers engage their students with compelling text sets, high quality discussion questions, thought provoking writing prompts, and differentiated resources. At its core, that's what PairedTexts is all about.

Some of the English Teacher AI tools you'll have immediate access to:

  • Pair Your Text With Other Texts
  • Pair Your Text With Discussion Questions
  • Pair Multiple Texts With Discussion Questions
  • Pair Your Text With Awesome Writing Prompts
  • Pair Multiple Texts With Awesome Writing Prompts
  • Pair Your Text With Vocabulary Words
  • Pair Your Assignment With A Custom Rubric
  • Pair Your Text With Versions At Varied Reading Levels
  • Pair Your Lesson With Do-Nows and Exit-Tickets

More of the broader-use AI tools you'll have immediate access to:

  • Lesson Plan Writer
  • UbD Curriculum Mapper
  • AI-Proof Assignment Maker
  • Parent Email Composer
  • Letter of Rec Composer
  • Student Feedback Composer
  • UDL Differentiation Generator
  • Accommodation Generator
  • IEP Generator

AI Super-Tools

  • ChatGPT-4 (Access to your own GPT-4 powered chatbot! SO MUCH POWER!)
  • DALL-E 3 (Access to your own mind-glowingly powerful AI image generation bot!)

And more!

*Note that in order to ensure a functional experience for all users, and in an effort to prevent abuse, monthly usage is limited. Your monthly usage can be easily monitored from the “My Account” screen, and usage limits reset at the start of every month!

Annual users are allotted 20% more monthly usage than Monthly users.

Pro users are allotted 300% more monthly usage than Annual users.

The price for membership is $15.00 per Month. Customers in NJ will be charged 6.63% tax.

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