ChatGPT-4 For Schools

We understand the challenges that schools face with payment options, so we proudly accept Purchase Orders (POs), making it possible for educators to tap into advanced AI technology (ChatGPT-4).

How It Works

  • Request a quote to purchase access to TeacherFuel.com through your school
  • Sign in to begin accessing ChatGPT-4 (and other powerful chatbots, too)
  • That's all there is to it!


What's the benefit of using ChatGPT-4 through TeacherFuel?

Great question! There are a few important advantages to consider when it comes to using ChatGPT-4 through TeacherFuel:

  • TeacherFuel enables schools to pay for access to ChatGPT-4 chatbots. (This is a meaningful alternative when it comes to using ChatGPT-4 for school, rather than paying for access out-of-pocket.)
  • TeacherFuel integrates ChatGPT-4 through OpenAI's API. In layman's terms, that means that we're able to give you access to ChatGPT-4 at a rate that's more advantageous than what's offered from OpenAI's monthly "pro" pricing model.
  • TeacherFuel also offers an educator toolkit, including tools such as an "IEP Generator," "Rubric Maker," "Parent Email Composer," and many more. These are easy-to-use AI tools that were developed to empower educators without having to engage with a chatbot.

Are there any usage limits?

OpenAI implements usage limits on ChatGPT-4 to prevent abuse, and that carries forward into your usage here. Every user receives an allotted monthly usage quota -- but here are three reasons why this is a good thing!

  • When users access ChatGPT-4 through OpenAI, they're limited to a handful of chatbot interactions per hour... but that isn't how real-life usage works. In reality, there are days when you won't use ChatGPT at all, and days when you'll need it a whole lot. Accessing ChatGPT through a monthly quota rather than an hourly limit opens the doors for you to make extensive use of ChatGPT when you actually need it the most.
  • If you're interested in the nitty-gritty of how this works, the bottom line is that TeacherFuel is able to maximize your access to ChatGPT through OpenAI's API by optimizing token usage. Your monthly quota translates to a "better deal" than what you'd receive though other avenues of access.
  • You can easily monitor your access each month, and your quota resets each month! (Woohoo!)

Does this include any tools for educators other than ChatGPT-4?

Yes! In addition to ChatGPT-4, you'll have access to the following easy-to-use AI tools:

  • Lesson Plan Writer
  • UbD Curriculum Mapper
  • AI-Proof Assignment Maker
  • Parent Email Composer
  • Letter of Recommendation Composer
  • Student Feedback Composer
  • UDL / Differentiation Generator
  • Accommodation Generator
  • IEP Generator

Who developed this?

TeacherFuel was developed by educators that were frustrated by their schools' inability to purchase and offer access to cutting edge AI tools (i.e. ChatGPT-4) to teachers and administrators in their district. (We built this so that you can easily pay for access to cutting-edge AI with a PO, and make AI accessible to educators in your district!)

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